My Projects

Things I have, or am, working on.


CircleCi gem

Implements the CircleCi REST API. Fully tested and maintains a high 4.0 Code Climate code score

Iterable gem

A gem for Iterable that implements their REST API. Fully tested and documented


Gem built for AuthorityLabs Partner API while working there. We used it internally among projects. We were able to open source it for clients to use for more automation on their end.


Cuckoo Filter

Cuckoo Filter sketching algorithm for approximations of set membership.

Hyper Log Log

Hyper Log Log sketching algorithm written in Golang.

Go Statsite

Golang package to send stats to a statsite instance from your code. Statsite is a StatsD compliant server written in C.


Built as a proxy for riak to respond quickly back to the client put requests. Uses a connection pool to queue up queries and apply backpressure if needed. Was used in production to handle thousands of queries per second before moving away from Riak.


Count min sketching algorithm to get the minimum number of occurrences of a key in a stream.

Jump Consistent Hash

Jump consistent hash package. Built from Google whitepaper where it was introduced.

Skip List

Skip List implementation in golang that allows for duplicate keys where the values can be the same or different in the list.

LFU Cache

LFU cache in golang offering O(1) Get and Insert.

Authy API

Authy API for Developers to add two factor authentication to your apps. This package implements the API endpoints found in the Authy docs.


Üeberauth Gitlab

An Üeberauth OAuth2 strategy for Gitlab. Integrates with Üeberauth to implement an authentication provider of Gitlab. Docs can be found here.

CC Validation

A credit card validation Hex package to validate credit card format using the Luhn Algorithm. Test cards are also allowed to be checked for. See documentation for more details or the hex package page for other links.


InfluxDB Role

Ansible Galaxy role for InfluxDB

Mac Setup

Ansible setup to provision a Mac OS X machine for development and personal use.

Consul Template

Ansible role to setup/install consul template


Ansible role to setup/install envconsul


Ansible role to setup/install statsite, a statsd implementation in C


Package Boilerplate

Python package boilerplate to start a new python package somewhat easy.


CircleCi App

Open sourced CircleCi iOS app built in Ruby Motion

obj-c helpers

Collection of helpers or tools I’ve used for iOS development.

SeekingCities App

Open source iOS app for a Wordpress backed travel blog.



BK-Tree in Erlang

Binary Search

Binary search tree in Erlang


Fredkin Trie algorithm in Erlang